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His Excellency Ambassador Johnson Agara OLWA Initiates Trade and Investment Cooperation.

Friday, 6th December 2019
His Excellency Ambassador Johnson Agara OLWA met Mr Giorgi Pertaia the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Georgia in Tbilisi this morning. 

The purpose of the meeting was to initiate trade and investment cooperation. 

Both agreed that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Georgia initiates an MoU that will be considered by the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

The possible areas of cooperation that can be exploited by both countries is in trade especially in agricultural products since both countries are predominantly agricultural .

However, both agreed that Education is a strategic area that should be looked into keenly . This way the Ugandan people and the people of Georgia will have exposure of the potential in both countries.

Exporting to Georgia should be less cumbersome considering that they have a seaport which is strategic for distribution to the CIS countries.

Georgia produces a lot of good wine which can access the East African Market while they can buy tea, coffee , Cocoa and other agricultural products from Uganda . 

The trade volumes are quite low at the moment but with continuous engagements between the business community of both countries which can include trade visits, the volumes should come up. 

A lot of awareness is required to expose both communities. 

Uganda Embassy, Moscow
06 December 2019