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Russian firms urged to join malaria fight in Uganda

Monday, 13th April 2015
Ugandas Ambassador to the Russian Federation and Head of Mission, H.E. Dr. Moses Ebuk has urged Russian firms to join the fight against malaria in Uganda.

He made the call during the visit to "BiogardĦħ, a Russian company making different products including anti-malarials. The visit took place in March 2015.

Dr. Ebuk told his hosts that Malaria kills hundreds of thousands of people especially children in Uganda annually. He expressed hope that with "BioguardĦħ developing a unique protection against malaria mosquitoes, Uganda will get a reliable partner and a friend.

The President of "Biogard", Mr. Ilya Krasilnikov demonstrated the latest developments in the field of protection of human beings and animals from blood-sucking insects, including unique products, which have recently been officially certified in the Russian Federation.

Dr. Ebuk was accompanied to the tour of the factory by: the President of the Encyclopedia, Mr. Alexander Fedorchenko; Mr. Ilya Krasilnikov; "BiogardĦħ Director, Mr. Maxim Kovalevsky; and, the Chief Production Engineer, Mr. Alexey Emelyanov.

Source: Uganda Embassy Moscow