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Embassy of Uganda in Moscow Seeks Opportunities to Host Uganda Expo 2019

Thursday, 4th April 2019
The Team at the Embassy of Uganda in Moscow visited (ETNOMIR) Ethnic World in Moscow to exploit opportunities of collaboration in hosting the Uganda EXPO 2019 scheduled to take place from the 27 to 31 May 2019 in Moscow . 

Ethnic World is a huge picturesque park spread on 140 hectares, and its landscape harmoniously includes national ethnic yards. An ethnic yard is an open area authentically reproducing the culture of one or several countries represented by the corresponding architecture, exhibition halls, hotels, workshops and restaurants of the national cuisine. 

Ethnic World accepted to host the Uganda EXPO and to collaborate with Ugandan artists and craftsmen . 
The Expo will promote trade with the bid to increase trade volumes between Uganda and the Russian Federation promote  investment, tourism and culture. 
Some of the products that will be exhibited include ; Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Crafts, Art, Shea Butter, Fruits , Fashion among others .
Ndere Troupe will perform during the Expo to exhibit the cultural diversity of Uganda through dance  and songs.