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His Excellency Ambassador Johnson Agara Olwa Met With The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ryazan.

Thursday, 2nd May 2019
His Excellency Ambassador Johnson Agara Olwa met Ms Guseva Tatiana Vasilievna the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of  Ryazan on 17th May 2019 

Ryazan is a city in western Russia , located on the Oka River 196 kilometers from Moscow. 

The purpose of the meeting was to pay a courtesy call and to invite Ms Guseva Tatiana Vasilievna, the officials and members of the Chamber to participate in the UGANDA EXPO scheduled to take place in Moscow from the 27th May to the 01 June 2019 .

The Ambassador used the opportunity to present to the members of the Chamber's of Commerce and Industry the investment, trade and tourism potential of Uganda. 

Ms Guseva welcomed the Ambassador and mentioned that it was the first visit of a Ugandan Ambassador to their Chamber and they were honoured and glad to receive His Excellency Ambassador OLWA. 

She informed the Ambassador that Ryazan's major industries include electronics , leather and oil refining.

Ryazan has a reputation of being one of Russia's electronics hubs. Around a quarter of the city's population is involved in the electronics industry. The most notable company in this sector is Plazma (company), which produces plasma screens for products including tanks and locomotives.

Another key industry in the city is oil refining. The Ryazan Oil Refinery, owned by Rosneft, is one of the city's largest employers. The plant can refine 17 million metric tons of oil per year.

The economy of Ryazan benefits from a large number of skilled
 engineers graduating from the State Radioengineering University.

Ms Guseva informed the Ambassador that Ryazan's is ready to partner with Uganda in the leather industry among others . RYAZAN is ready to buy hides from Uganda .

Ugandans are welcome to study in Ryazan and to cooperate in the sectors mentioned. 

Ms Guseva confirmed that she will lead a delegation from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ryazan to the Uganda Expo .

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