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His Excellency Ambassador Johnson Agara OLWA visits the State Medical University in Ryazan

Monday, 19th August 2019
His Excellency Ambassador Johnson Agara OLWA and the Ambassador of Ghana to the Russian Federation visited the State Medical University in Ryazan this morning.

Uganda has three privately sponsored medical  students  while Ghana has 67 student on private sponsorship as well.

The Ugandan students are Adupa Erieza, Shivji Amiru and Serunjogi Sarah .

Ambassador OLWA thanked the University Management for taking care of the students and informed them  that the reason for the low number of Ugandan students  could be that Uganda today has over 40 Universities compared to the past when Makerere University was the only University .So many students can now study at home  including those from neighboring countries. This is due to the political stability in Uganda  and great investment environment that has attracted investment in the Education sector.

Ambassador OLWA asked the Management of the University to consider establishing Universities in Uganda and to establish cooperation with universities in Uganda to strengthen the already existing good relations.

The Heads of Mission met the students and held a discussion with them. Encouraged them to study hard, seize the opportunities so that when they come home, they can establish hospitals and provide excellent health services.

Today more students are coming to Russia from the African continent to study on private sponsorship.

Embassy of Uganda