Citizenship & Dual Citizenship

Citizenship is the status of being a citizen of Uganda.
As an Ugandan citizen, you have the right to live, study, work and vote in Uganda without the need of any other permit or pass.

• All Citizenship applications are submitted online at the:

1. Recommendation letter and National Identity card of recommender (Ugandan by birth of substantial standing)
2. Valid Certificate Good Conduct from Interpol (issued within last 6 months)
3. Proof of Ugandan Citizenship (copy of Ugandan passport /National ID) and Page 45 of Ugandan Passport
4. If born outside Uganda, a Copy of Birth certificate as well as Parent’s Passport or National ID
5. Foreign Passport Bio Data Page
6. Recent Passport size photograph
7. Medical report of sanity from a certified Doctor
8. Notarized oath of allegiance (download and re-attach duly signed)
9. Evidence that the other country permits dual-citizenship (letter from country/embassy)
10. Proof of profession/occupation (Attach academic document/employment ID)
11. Download and complete Form AA (re-attach Duly signed and notarized)
12. Cover letter from the Applicant (addressed to Secretary National Citizenship and Immigration Board)

1. Application fee USD 200