East Africa Tourist Visa Application

On the 1st of January 2014, the East African Tourist Visa became operational in the Republics of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. Tourists visiting these countries will need one tourist visa to tour the three East African countries.

The visa saves potential tourists time and the rigorous process of having to move from one embassy to another to apply for different visas to travel across the three East African partner states.

Under the new system, the tour and travel company agents and other players in the tourism industry will also be able to offer multi-destination packages since tourists will now be free to move between the three countries.

Advantages of the East African Tourist Visa:

    • It costs only $100 instead of $150 for three separate visas, meaning the bearer will have saved $50;


    • Valid for 90 days and multiple;


    • Reduces the  bureaucracy  involved in getting multiple visas;


  • The holder of the East African tourist visa can enter from the country that issued the visa and move within the two other countries without applying for another visa or paying for another visa fee;

Where to get Visa:

Kenya Embassy in the Russian Federation


5 Lopukhinsky Per., Moscow, Russia, 119034\r\n\r\n

Tel: +7(495) 637 42 57, +7 (495) 637 21 86, +7 (495) 637 35 74

E-mail: moscow@mfa.go.ke or kenemb@kenemb.ru

Rwanda Embassy in Moscow


50 Mosfilmovskaya st. block. 1, Moscow Russia 119285,

http://yandex.st/lego/_/La6qi18Z8LwgnZdsAr1qy1GwCwo.giftel: +7 (499) 147-19-92

Email  ambamoscow@minaffet.gov.rw

East Africa Tourist Visa Application

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