Fri, 12/15/2023

The Head of Mission had a working visit to the Arkhangelsk Region between 28th and 30th November 2023.
H.E the Ambassador, held meetings with the H.E. Aleksandr Tsybulskii, Mr. Aleksey Alsufev, The Chairman of the Government, Acting the Minister of Trade and the Chamber of Commerce, Rectors of the North Arctic Federal University and North State Medical University. He also visited to the Arkhangelsk Museum and the paper and pulp company.
The Ambassador accompanied by Mr. Aleksey Alsufev, the First Deputy Governor and the Chairman of the Arkhangelsk Region Government at the Victory War Monument 1941—1945 and Eternal Flame where both laid a wreath in memory of those who sacrificed their lives during the WW2.
The Governor informed the Ambassador that the visit is timely because the Region is interested in establishing cooperation with African countries that was stressed during the 2nd Russia-Africa Summit on 2023 which pointed to the need to increase trade and investment between Russian Federation and Africa.
The Governor noted the Ambassador’s visit to the Chamber of Commerce and Universities and the paper and pulp industry earlier and sighted the potential that the region has particularly in Machine-building, shipbuilding and ship-repair companies, agriculture, Technology equipment and other service sectors, minerals and wood and paper. He therefore noted that was necessity at establishing new partnerships for the markets for the services and products.
Furthermore, the Governor noted Ambassador’s visit to the North Arctic Federal University and North State Medical University which have over 1100 foreign students from 19 African countries, Uganda inclusive, therefore providing prospective areas of cooperation with Ugandan Universities. Organize cultural exchanges between the Arkhangelsk and Ugandan communities, bands and enhance tourism to and from the Arkhangelsk.
The Ambassador informed the Governor that indeed Uganda was ready to deepen her cooperation with the Region with a focus in tourism, investment and trade in Coffee, Cocoa and tea. He informed the Governor of the H.E. The President’s invitation to Russian investors in Uganda particularly in the fruit, milk and meat processing industry, Minerals and technology industry.
He added that an investor in Uganda’s investment climate is very conducive, there are tax exemptions for investors, a secure environment and market for the products targeting the 500Million people in the East African and COMESA region and the Africa the opportunities that the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) which provides even a larger market., Middle East and Europe.
The Ambassador informed the Governor that traveling to Uganda has been made easier with online visa application and visa issuing services by the embassy in Moscow. which gives one access to also other East African countries with the East African Visa, therefore movement is very easy to and from Uganda.
He further mentioned that the country has embarked on research and development of its I.T sector with the production of electric vehicles called the KIRA motors. other research includes in Epidemiology and science based education.
He appreciated the Russian Government for increasing the scholarships being offered to Uganda students from 16 to 50 with a presidential promise of over 200, while other apply to Universities and colleges, he promised to encourage other Uganda students to apply in the available universities in Arkhangelsk.